VR-Chair by MMone Project

World’s First 3-axis turning VR Simulator

VR-GENESIS is the official partner of MMOne Project company the producer of world’s first 3-axis turning VR Simulator (VR chair).

How does it works? MMOne™ is a 3 axis turning Virtual Reality interactive simulator. The construction of MMOne™ rotates the base 60’ left and right. MMOne™ "hand" makes the chair raise up to 30’. Revolves 360’ around its own axis in two dimensions.

All these movements are unique and carry the maximum thrill for the gamer.
The pilot perceives:
● turns;
● blows;
● braking and acceleration;
● collisions with other objects;
● dynamic overloads.

The application area of VR chair so big:
● VR attraction and games zone for malls, hotels, casino, attractions parks, events etc;
● VR training simulator for flight schools with custom software includes leap motion technology;
● Entertaiment etc.

First of all it is the ready business for making money. If you have crowded place with a flow of people of 1000-2000 persons per day, you can set up the VR chair attraction and earn from $600 - $1100 per day if the ticket price is $12-17$.

Recoupment of capital 4-10 months.

VR chair certificated by TUV Nord and produces in Europian Union based on Germans high-acuracy servomotors.

Our engineers provides a full support of instalation and studing of your staff. 24/7 service for comfortable using, so we can fix software troubles remotly.


  • Producer: MMOne Project;
  • Category: VR attraction

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